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Gamma Boosted Barber Supplies - Customizable Features of Gamma Clippers

Gamma Boosted Barber Supplies - Customizable Features of Gamma Clippers

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Power and Precision for Professional Results

Introducing the Boosted Gamma Clippers, a professional modular clipper engineered with a super torque motor for unparalleled power and performance. With a generous 3-hour run-time on a 150-minute charge, this gamma clipper ensures you have the endurance needed for even the most demanding grooming sessions. Equipped with a Black Diamond Carbon DLC fade clipper blades, the Boosted Clipper guarantees seamless cuts and superior blending.

Customizable Features for Ultimate Versatility

The Barber Supplies Gamma Clipper comes with a range of customizable options to suit your specific grooming needs. Enjoy the flexibility of three customizable levers - 2 Click levers & 1 Floating lever - for maximum precision and control. Additionally, choose from Black, Red, and Gold body kits for a personalized touch.

Convenient Charging and Stability

With a 3-hour cordless run-time and universal micro USB charging, the Boosted Gamma Clippers ensure convenience and global compatibility. The heavy-duty charging stand, anchored by a hanging hook, provides stability and easy access, while the micro USB charging option allows for hassle-free charging anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Kit for Complete Grooming

In addition to the clipper and blade, the Gamma Clipper kit includes everything you need for a professional grooming experience. From tight or stretch bracket kits to multiple lever colors and double magnetic guards in various sizes, this kit has you covered. Plus, with the included mini screwdriver and cleaning/maintenance kit, keeping your clipper in top condition is a breeze.

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