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Astra Razor Blades 100ct - Blades for Safety Razor

Astra Razor Blades 100ct - Blades for Safety Razor

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Features for Exceptional Shaving

Our double-edge safety razor blade is meticulously crafted to provide a smooth and long-lasting shaving experience. Mild yet effective, these razor blades offer a gentler alternative to Astra Stainless, ensuring a comfortable shave with each use. Each blade is individually wrapped and packaged in plastic-free materials, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Compatible with a wide range of modern double-edge safety razors, including Merkur, Parker, Edwin Jagger, Weishi, and more, these razor double edge blades offer versatility and convenience for every shaving enthusiast.

Premium Materials for Superior Durability

Constructed from high-quality stainless steel and coated with platinum, our blades for safety razor are engineered for durability and precision. The platinum coating enhances the blades' longevity and sharpness, allowing for consistent performance shave after shave.

Specifications for Convenience

Each purchase includes 20 packs of 5 double edge razor blades, providing an ample supply for your grooming needs. With this convenient package, you'll always have a fresh blade on hand whenever you need it. Elevate your shaving routine with our premium-quality double-edge safety razor blades, designed to deliver unmatched comfort, precision, and value.

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