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BaByliss Pro Gold Fx Charger Station - Clipper Charging Stand for FX870

BaByliss Pro Gold Fx Charger Station - Clipper Charging Stand for FX870

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Durable Construction for Reliable Performance

Upgrade your grooming setup with our charging base designed specifically for FX870 Clippers. Crafted with a solid metal base, this charging station offers exceptional stability and balance, ensuring secure placement of your clippers during charging. Built to last, this charger dock base provides reliable support for your grooming tools.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Handling

Featuring a knurled metal grip, our charging base offers improved handling and control. The textured surface enhances grip, making it easy to pick up and use your clippers whenever needed. Enjoy added convenience and comfort during your grooming routine.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to accommodate all FX870 Clippers, our charger station offers versatility and convenience. Whether you have multiple clippers or plan to upgrade in the future, this base ensures compatibility, making it a practical addition to your grooming accessories.

Important Note

Please note that the adaptor is not included with the charger station. However, the charging base is compatible with the current trimmer adapter Model#FXCORD, providing a seamless charging solution for your FX870 Clippers. Ensure you have the necessary adapter for optimal functionality.

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