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Babyliss Pro Trimmer - Gold Fx Trimmer Replacement Blade

Babyliss Pro Trimmer - Gold Fx Trimmer Replacement Blade

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Enhanced Performance with DLC/Titanium Coating

Upgrade your grooming experience with the Babyliss Pro Trimmer Replacement Blade. Featuring DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) and titanium coating, this Babyliss trimmer blade ensures exceptional durability and sharpness for precise trimming. The advanced coating also reduces friction, resulting in smoother cutting and prolonged blade life.

Customizable Cutting with Zero-Gap Adjustable Design

Achieve professional-grade results with the zero-gap adjustable design of our Babyliss trimmer replacement blade. This feature allows for precise adjustments, ensuring optimal blade alignment for seamless fades and detailing. Enjoy unparalleled control and versatility in your grooming routine.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to fit all 787 models, it offers universal compatibility and easy installation. Whether you're a professional barber or grooming enthusiast, you can trust our Babyliss pro trimmer blade to deliver consistent performance across all BabylissPro Gold FX Trimmer models.

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