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Clipper Blades Clippercide Spray Disinfectant - Clipper Cleaner Antiseptic Spray

Clipper Blades Clippercide Spray Disinfectant - Clipper Cleaner Antiseptic Spray

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Multi-Purpose Solution for Clipper Maintenance

Introducing Clippercide clipper cleaner, the ultimate solution for maintaining your clippers. This versatile product offers a comprehensive approach to clipper care, ensuring cleanliness, sharpness, and longevity for your grooming tools.

Disinfects and Protects

Clippercide clippers spray goes beyond mere cleaning, providing powerful disinfection that complies with OSHA and state board rules. Its EPA-registered formula acts as a bactericide, fungicide, and virucide, effectively killing harmful pathogens including HIV-1 and TB, thus promoting a hygienic grooming environment.

Lubricates and Reduces Friction

In addition to disinfection, Clippercide Spray Disinfectant lubricates clipper blades, leaving behind a thin film that reduces friction and maintains sharpness. This lubricating action ensures smooth cutting and prolongs the life of your blades, enhancing overall clipper performance.

Cleans and Cools

Clippercide's aerosol clipper cleaner not only cleans your clippers but also blows away hair, dust, and particles from between clipper teeth. Furthermore, it cools blades on contact, providing relief during extended grooming sessions and preventing overheating.

Prevents Rust and Extends Lifespan

Say goodbye to rust and corrosion with Clippercide's anti-rust formula. By protecting blades from oxidation, this product prolongs clipper life, saving you time and money on frequent replacements. Invest in Clippercide to keep your clippers clean, sharp, and rust-free.

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