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Kiss Tintation Hair Color Spray Temporary - Black Hair Spray 6oz

Kiss Tintation Hair Color Spray Temporary - Black Hair Spray 6oz

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Instant Transformation in Seconds

Experience instant color transformation with Tintation Hair Color Spray. Simply spray your world with vibrant hues in seconds, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your look whenever inspiration strikes.

Nourishing Formula with Olive Oil

Formulated with nourishing Olive Oil, Kiss Colors, and Care Temporary, our Tintation Color Spray not only adds bold color but also cares for your hair, leaving it feeling soft and healthy.

Versatile Use for Gray Coverage or Fashionable Looks

Whether you're looking to cover gray roots or create bold, fashionable looks, Tintation Hair Color Spray Temporary has you covered. Unleash your creativity and experiment with different colors and styles without the commitment.

Easy Application and Wash Out

Tintation Color Hair Spray instantly covers your hair and easily washes out without damaging its quality or color. Enjoy temporary black hair spray without any long-term commitment.

Smudge-Proof and Pillow-Friendly

Our hair color spray is highly water-resistant, ensuring it stays smudge-proof and pillow-friendly throughout the day. Enjoy vibrant color that lasts without any worry of transfer or staining.

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