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Styptic Nick Relief Powder - Styptic Powder to Stop Bleeding

Styptic Nick Relief Powder - Styptic Powder to Stop Bleeding

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Swiftly Halt Bleeding

Our bleeding stop styptic powder offers a rapid solution for addressing razor nicks, minor cuts, and abrasions. With its instant-action formula, bleeding is promptly halted, ensuring efficient grooming sessions with minimal interruptions.

Easy Application

Convenience is key with our powdered formula. Simply moisten a fingertip or Q-Tip and apply the powder to stop bleeding directly to the affected area. Its user-friendly application process ensures swift usage, ideal for both professional barbers and personal grooming needs.

Residue-Free Formula

Say goodbye to unsightly white residue. Our styptic flesh-colored powder seamlessly blends into the skin, leaving no powdery traces behind. Perfect for professional use, it ensures a clean and polished appearance for clients without any telltale signs of treatment.

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