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Stylecraft Saber Trimmer - Stylecraft Black Saber Professional Hair Trimmer

Stylecraft Saber Trimmer - Stylecraft Black Saber Professional Hair Trimmer

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Enhanced Performance and Precision

Experience unparalleled grooming performance with the Stylecraft Pro Trim. Featuring a long-life digital brushless motor running at 7,500 rpms, this stylecraft trimmer ensures efficient power transfer for smooth operation while reducing heat buildup. The heavy-duty full metal body with a slim design provides durability and ergonomic comfort during extended use. Paired with the Black Diamond Carbon DLC X-PRO Wide fixed blade and The One deep tooth moving blade combo, this saber trimmer delivers precise, professional-grade cutting for a flawless finish.

Cordless Convenience with Extended Battery Life

Enjoy cordless hair trimmer freedom with the Stylecraft Pro Trim's lithium-ion battery, offering up to 4 hours of run-time on a single charge. With just a 90-minute recharge time, this trimmer for men ensures minimal downtime, keeping you ready for grooming tasks whenever needed. The fully adjustable zero gap blade allows for the closest cut and finish, catering to various grooming preferences and styles. Plus, the universal USB rechargeable feature enables convenient charging worldwide, ensuring versatility and reliability wherever you go.

Comprehensive Accessories Included

The Stylecraft Pro Trim comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your grooming experience. Included in the package are:

  • The hair trimmer itself
  • The Black Diamond Carbon DLC X-Pro Wide fixed blade
  • The One Black Diamond Carbon DLC moving blade
  • A blade cap protector for safe storage
  • A micro USB charging cord for easy power replenishment
  • A charging stand for convenient storage and display
  • A mini screwdriver for maintenance and adjustments.

Engineered and designed in the USA, the Stylecraft Saber Professional Pro Trim combines cutting-edge technology with premium craftsmanship to meet the demands of professional grooming tasks.

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